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The Force Trainer Makes You a Jedi

Now anyone can become a Jedi. Think of it as you’re own little Yoda.

I knew this day would come.  When I was younger, I just knew that I was meant to be a Jedi.  My keen insight, my desire to wield a blade, and my blind faith in little green men, all pointed to a destiny that I knew someday would come.

Up until now I have made due by just going through the motions of a Skywalker.  I lived with my uncle, killed rats, and always secretly wished I had a sister I could lust after.  But now, I will finally be able to get the help I have always known I needed.  I will get The Force Trainer.  

The Force Trainer is a new is a new ‘toy’ expected to be released in October, and will be priced at around $100.  It comes with a headset that allows you to use brain waves to control a ball in a sphere.  

The Force Trainer is a dumbed down version of an EEG medical test, which means that this technology has been available for sometime, and withheld out of fear of my abilities developing.

Come October, I will scrape together $100 and finally develop the mad Jedi skills I have always known are there.  It looks like this kid in the photo is already working on his, but once I get my lightsaber, I’ll go all Sith on his punk ass.  37 is not too old to become a Jedi, it’s never too late.  

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  1. Ummm… >.> That's a cylindar… not a sphere. XD

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