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The Phoenix and the Dragon: Richard Mille is back with RM 57-01 – A luxury watch worth waiting for

Luxury watches aficionados understand precision and perfection. The new time peace is everything that a man can desire off

The third collaboration between Richard Mille and Jackie Chan (Holly wood star, martial arts legend) is a limited edition collector’s watch that must truly rank as one of the most stylish watches made, ever. The front fact contains an image of a Phoenix and a Dragon facing off each other in a precisely crafted masterpiece. The wow factor does not stop here, instead you only really begin to appreciate the beauty of the watch when you hear about the price tag, a whopping $500,000 plus watch (and this is the price before the tax guys in there black jackets and neatly trimmed hair appear in the picture).

There is some curiosity to boot for the people interested in; no one knows why the name of Jackie Chan is associated with the watch or what exactly, is the reason behind the creation of the watch. Leaving these two minor things in the back burner, appreciation must be given to Richard Mille for succeeding in the luxury segment – probably the hardest market segment to infiltrate. Brand creation is not impossible but in a limited market where competition is already tough, being able to demand such a hefty sum of money is in no ways a mean achievement – to which we should give our respect. The brand Richard Mille has struggled to expand, there are luxury watches which you may get a hold of with as much as $100,000 but the brand knows where it is comfortable and that is where this timepiece fits perfectly.

Let us take our focus away from the price and see what features the user will get when they purchase the novelty watch. On first look, it is beautiful having a touch of flamboyance and in some ways; it is more expressive than other brands like Rolex. It is supposed to create a sense of importance and deliver exuberance to one who dares to wear it. Does it fully do it? The answer is probably and emphatic yes. Richard Mille is a marketing genius, we already have established this fact but this watch goes beyond the marketing genius that the company has already shown. The watch is targeted at the Asian billionaires, the diaspora that wants the world to take notice of its rise and does it deliver that purpose, another emphatic yes waits as the answer.

This is a no holds barred watch; nothing has been left to chance. The approach to watch making is all about getting the right mix, this takes the technology to the level where the task of the craftsman is to create perfection. The materials of choice are titanium, platinum and gold (in case of even more limited editions of the watch) and most of the work done is by hand. It gives it a sense of purpose, an expression of craftsmanship of the highest order.

About the choice of the Phoenix and Dragon as the front of watch, not only it adds a dash of exuberance, it also makes it a bold statement. Both of the characters are dipped in the Chinese folklore and are seen as symbols of wealth and life. They even have a festival for Dragons in China and they even celebrate the year of the Dragon.

Needless to say, people born in the Year of the Dragon are the most revered upon, the dynamic and special people – No wonder that couples plan to have their children born in the Year of the Dragon. But this is not just about having a deep symbol, you can chose the deepest of symbols that you may like but an improper execution may make it look horrible, kitschy and flimsy. This design though, does not suffer from any of these problems. Carefully planned to look as a face-off between the two mighty beasts, the front face is almost completely covered by their bold and brilliant look.

The dimensions of RM 57-01 make it noticeable and prominent, standing at 42.7 mm in width, 50 mm in length and 14.1 mm in thickness the watch provides a delicate form balance making it look elegant and well proportioned. Jackie Chan gets a mention on the rear end in this case, as well as the perfectly crafted gears with the logo and name of Jackie Chan embossed on a plate right next to the gears. The watch requires to be manually wound and is water resistant. It is Swiss made, hence it would never have any problems with the working, efficiency or precision that is a hallmark of the Swiss (You cannot beat the Swiss at making watches. Fact)

Now the bit that is really important, there are only going to be 15 people in the world who will get to own one of these, the odds of it falling in to my or your hands are really low but hey, a man can dream, can he not. There is no doubt that the watch is a thing of beauty and an expression of growth and success, created by people who know how to create success.

If it is good enough for Jackie Chan, it is good enough for those who really want to make a statement.

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