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Apple To Release New iPads and iMacs on October 16th

Apple has sent out official indentations to an event on October 16th to reveal what we assume will be the latest iPads and iMacs, as well as the public release of the newest version of OS X, Yosemite.

Apple is hosting the event on their Cupertino campus, in the Town Hall theatre. Rumor has it the new iPad Air’s will be thinner, and feature the Touch ID thumbprint scanners seen on the iPhones since the iPhone 5S. It should also feature the new A8 chip for increased performance, as well as NFC to make the iPad compatible with Apple’s new wireless payment initiative.

The new iMacs will hopefully feature Retina displays, although likely at an extra cost, much like Apple did with bringing Retina to the MacBook Pro. The new iMac’s should also feature the newest Intel chipset, although since Intel has been primarily working on energy consumption vs. power, people should expect a modest gain in CPU performance. Likely the real performance increases will happen in the graphics cards.

On the software side, the newest version of OS X, Yosemite, will bring new features to Mac meant to make them more compatible with iCloud and your iOS devices.

The anticipated AppleTV upgrade has been back-burnered ever since rumors of the Apple Watch started to surface. But the news today that HomeKit was being integrated into the AppleTV fuels the idea that Apple plans on AppleTV being your digital hub. So there’s an outside chance we might see something mentioned in the this conference.

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