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Megan Mahoney, Gym Teacher Sex with 16 Year-old Student

Megan Mahoney, 24, has resigned from her job at Moore Catholic High School after rumors and allegations of her sexual involvement with a 16 year-old male student.


Mahoney is now facing 30 counts of statutory rape and could face 120 years in prison (4 for every count). She was also arrested for 4 counts of “criminal sexual acts” which evidently means oral sex there.  My guess is we’re looking at probation for her and a lot of high fives for him. Plus, she’ll have to find a new job.

Mahoney met the boy in the gym, where she was an assistant coach to the basketball team, after being quite an accomplished athlete on her own. I’m sure our hearts all go out to this courageous young man as he struggles with the world knowing what he’s done, how often, with whom, and in what position. We can only hope he fairs ok in college.

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