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Wine Tasting the LOT18 Way – A seriously different company intends to make Wine Tasting a hobby for everyone

For years Wine Tasting has been a hobby for the elite, now a company aims to bring the joys of wine tasting to every home. Beautifully packaged, creatively combined and competitively priced; it is time to take your taste buds for a unique ride

Wine clubs are expensive, and often do not offer enough value for money to keep people interested in them for a long time. There are problems, the price, the methodology, the elite status associate with wine tasting are all barriers that people are scared to cross. If you are not aware of what a wine club is, you already are aware of one of the problems that are faced by wine clubs. Wine clubs work to collect customer feedback, a highly necessary market intelligence that helps wine makers immensely. The principle is same, get the customer feedback, improve the products and find the right audience selling a right product to the right people.

The concept should work, it is the missing link between the sellers and the buyers, but it seldom does and often most people are scared to get into such things. People like to experiment but they need proper persuasion before they can take such a step. The higher the price of the product, the difficult it is for people to change their choice. It is also about taste, difficult to move from a taste that you have grown used to, the unknown is always a bit scary. Wine tasting gives you the option of all that, but traditionally it has been a hobby which has been expensive.

The people at LOT18 have taken a bold step and gone ahead to change the perception about wine tasting, and their formula should work for almost anyone!
It is simple, inviting and even has enough attractions for skeptics to try it for at least one time. Modern marketing techniques almost always use fancy words (jargon – that in most cases is confusing) but what LOT18 is doing great is that they are offering people what they like. They slowly build a profile, a great information directory that will help them send you wines for tasting that you like.

The wine profile begins when these people send you a beautiful little box containing six mini bottles of wine varying between red and white. The box alone is so beautiful that it makes the experience of joining the club worthwhile – I have my heart set out on it in earnest. The next step involves your feedback, the interface is simple and easy and you can let the makers know the things that need to be added or subtracted. You can also chose regions from where you prefer wines, and you can tell the people what style you prefer. The recommendations even include which foods pair the wine perfectly and how you prefer the wine.

The flexibility does not end there; in fact it starts from this point. LOT18 understand that taste in wines can change over time, just like the taste in movies, books, food or television. The options to let them know about your preferences is always there making sure that you will always be drinking wines that you love and not just wines that wine clubs want to sell. The user recommendation forums, the option to rate wines and the guarantee of total satisfaction make LOT18 a great wine tasting place to be.

You would expect in most cases that the price of such service would be steep, making it out of range of most people but the surprise it that is extremely affordable. The subscription costs less than $10 bucks a month, making it the perfect bargain for people who like wine.

Putting a viable alternative to a business of wine tasting in itself is a hard task; doing so with as much human perfection as possible makes it even more commendable. If you are a wine connoisseur, there is an opportunity to expand your horizon. These people claim that they will make you drink the wines that you love, let us see if this works for you.

Check their website for more details Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your new hobby and get access to wonderful wines from all over the world.

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