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Is GameWar Really GamePal?

A couple days ago I got a comment here that Gamepal now owns I didn't think much about it until "Margaret" posted a follow up comment directed at me denying the relationship. These comments came within a short time of me getting the Gamepal "cease and desist" email. I know Gamepal reads my blog, and I know they are pretty stupid, so I decided to investigate. By investigate, I mean check the whois for on Take a look at the image here, and I think you'll agree that there is some evidence that Gamepal does in fact own If you're trying to keep this a secret, ol' Smity may want to opt for the privacy option on domains that even your average webcam girl can figure out.

Here’s another message for you Smity; the more you threaten and insult me, the more you gain my attention. You do not want my attention.

For anyone looking at using, you may want to check out my experience with Gamepal. You should also check out this Rip Off Report on Gamepal. There also appears to be a Rip Off Report on Gamewar. Be sure you know what you’re doing when you hire the company. They don’t like giving refunds, and they threaten action against those of us who complain.

Update: I am already on page of Google for Gamewar, it only took about 90 minutes!

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  1. UPDATE—

    Went to submit a Item Not Received request to PayPal and there the company had a number. Well called the number and it goes to a voicemail system that is full. (I wonder why)

    I submitted my ticket to PayPal and we will see where this gets. I also have the address for the server admin of the server. I will pay him a visit with two very good friends who will be more than worth the 260.00 dollars I lost.

  2. How about this one….

    I bought an account from gamepal in March of 2007, and requested the secret answer (which I never recieved.) I had let the account expire for a month since I have been working so much. Yesterday morning, I decided to activate the account again, only to find that it was already active. I logged into my normal server, and my main character was gone. After searching on eqplayers, I found the name of my toon on a different server. I logged into that server, and found that my main had not only been moved, she had also been renamed. By searching the billing history, I was able to come up with the name of the person that activated the account. By the powers of the net, I obtained a telephone number for the person and made contact with him today. Guess what? He also purchased the account from gamepal, in September of 08! From my conversation with him, he states he is through with gamepal and will not log the account again. I don’t really believe him, and there is no way for me to change the password without the secret answer. I have sent both gamepal and gamewar emails over the last 24 hours, and no response.

  3. well found this after very little search which is good, i logged an order through gamewar, paid them, got the order number and paypal verification..went to their website, low and behold my order # is not valid, went to live chat…that is down…as it has been for the past 2 days, i have sent numerous emails only to get automated responses, sent an email to support and account, i get a automated response from AND saying i need to reset my password???? so so far it looks like gamewar is gamepal are just dodgy companies, really unhappy and after 7 emails all duplicated about me reseting my password..not 1 real person email, such scammers!

  4. forgot to say i found this AFTER i placed the order 🙁

  5. I am glad I read this was going to sell an account on this dumb scam site

  6. Well it appears that I've encountered this blog too late. I've been scammed by Gamewar. I purchased an account and now after fruitless emails and automated email responses, I've got nothing to show for it. i would hope that people or person who runs those sites would get the living crap beat out of them. Has anyone found anyway to contact these people, numbers or a legit address?

  7. is it save to sell or is only te buying part bad?

    • site is a scam paid for account played for almost a year. Tried to log in one day Account gone money gone. no email respones for over 8 months. This all happened at the same time the live help went down. Interesting

  8. I tried selling my account for the last 2 weeks. No response or anything ever. Scam site. I am now redownloading the game to see if I've lost everything or if I at least still have my account in the condition I left it. If the account is still good, I will look for a new site that is reputable or post auctions on Ebay telling people to contact me ASAP if they are interested because the auctions won't stay up for very long. Just some ideas.

  9. ripped me off last year for a hundred bucks for an account. I tried numerous times to contact them and still have the emails with their placating remarks, but it was and it is a scam. Don't be fooled. I have made it my mission to warn everyone on any forum I can what a scam they are.

  10. How are they now a days?

  11. lol i will never trust any more…ive send like 30 email and never get a response back and still never got my account that i bought…lol good thing my uncle is a lawyer im gonnna check this out and see if i can bring them down!

  12. So i sold my two WOW accounts to gamepal before looking into there background < my bad < Ive been waiting almost two week or longer for payment for the first account and about a week or so for the second Account ones selling for around $837.00 and the other is $1019.00 so that would be somewhere around $1856.00 total. Which dont get me wrong is a very fine offer price. THATS IF they actaully decide to send me my money any time soon. Im pretty dissapointed with it saying it only takes 1-72 hrs when it should say 5-8 weeks even if then. I also own a business and customers wether it being ppl who buy or sell to be should received the best customer service possible. Not lame as auto-response which dont do shit for anyone. Person to person is much more effective and actaully makes people more comfortable about doing business but enough of ramblings. Manly Im just ticked off cause i think i might of been scammed by them after reading all these other reports on Gamepal.

  13. Got a free account and my money back through charge back 😛 NUB game war.

  14. suck dick gamepal // March 3, 2011 at 6:34 pm // Reply

    stfu u scammers suck my dick

  15. I was just about to sell my lotro account to these guys, But in this industry even one! bad review loses my business.

    Oh and their address is on the domain registry sheet at the top… go fuck em up.

  16. The sites gamewar, gamepal, toonstorm and a couple others, all are run by the same people and all appear to be scammers. Some of the sites actually offer to sell you insurance at exorbitant rates in case the purchased account is/gets banned or the original owner tries to reclaim it. Other sites run by these people just claim to offer you a guarantee of 5 or 10 years against such events with a promise of a free account of equal value or credit in the value of the insurance issued on their site to purchase another account.
    I would say stay away from any site run by these people whether buying or selling an account.

  17. Just attempted selling my Lotro account to Gamepal. After 72 hours I was concerned I heard nothing and received no payment, and so attempted to log onto my Lotro account. That’s when I realized they had changed the password and contact info. I still thought nothing of it until I decided to run a quick look at Gamepal’s rep.

    Man I wish I had seen these blogs before. I immediately wrested back control of my account, changed All of the information (hoping that would discourage them from trying to take it back) and sent several emails to Gamepal informing them I was canceling my offer. They finally replied with an automated notice saying they were going to return the account information to me. No word yet on whether that will happen (pretty sure they don’t realize I already took it back myself). I will keep you all posted.

  18. Thats what i get for doing research after i pay them. It all seems pretty legit until you look closely. The Face Book page just looks wrong. All the friends only link to friends 1 time then stop. And the profile pics are to much like profile pics to be real, have a look.

  19. Yup im one of burned, Attempted to sell eve account, and after 2+ months of waiting, nothing happened untill i did posted gamewar on ripoff report page, and lo and behold i got shuffled to legal dept.
    Avoid, get the heck away from them, i even doubt ill get “my” account back intact.
    In any case ill get ticked off and report it to ccp and ask them to kill that account.

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