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Want Sex? There’s an App for That

The Good2Go App just might save you from rape charges.

The Philips Hue lights are set low. You got Roxy Music’s Avalon playing on the Sonos. You sip from your wine glass and lean in. She kisses you. She seems good to go. But it’s important to be safe these days, so you reach down to your pants and unleash your newly enlarged… iPhone 6 Plus. You click on the Good2Go app, and hand it over.

Thanks to brilliant law makers in California, the burden of proof in a criminal complaint just moved to the accused. Did he/she consent to the sex you’re about to have? Sure, she’s smiling, unbuttoned her shirt and unbuttoned your pants, but such things are open to interoperation. Best to have her fill out a small survey about her feelings, current state on inebriation and let her know she’s of course free to leave your vile clutches at any moment. Ahh, romance.

Seriously, we’ve gotten to this point. Why stop here, why not just have the app summon a mobile notary service to your home where you can both present ID and swear on a stack of bibles you’re ready to go to funky town?

To be clear, rapist are scumbags. They deserve prison more than just about any other criminal in society. But to treat every sexual engagement as a potential criminal procedure is a bad step for humanity.

But if you’re in California, or anywhere else I’d imagine soon, check out the Good2Go app. It’s fee on iTunes and Google Play.

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