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American Airlines and Cadillac partnership hoping to bring new era of travel benefits for their customers

A landmark partnership deal between two icons of American Corporate culture is about to shake the entire traveling culture

“Your move now, competition” would probably be the words most suitable in the current situation as American Airlines and Cadillac begins to start a versatile and somewhat non-traditional partnership of their own. The aim is simple; target the customers where they are the most responsive and impressionable. It can be said, without going into the fine print and details that this is a marketing master stroke from the people responsible in both companies. People travel all the time, and while you are in the lounge waiting to board the plane, no matter who you are, you have time to kill. What better opportunity to target these people at this time who have literally nothing else to do?

The partnership aims to bring a vast range of totally exclusive and almost unmatchable benefits (definitely true at the time of publishing of this article) to travelers across America. This deal is a landmark deal in more than one way; for starters it is a mutually beneficial deal and has benefits that include transport availability during airport terminal transfer to getting frequent flyer miles while test driving a Cadillac. The partnership aims to extend to all major airports but currently the ConciergeKey program is going to start from four major airports. The passengers having tight transfer times will be escorted to the departure gate in different models of the Cadillac range including the CTS, SRX or even Escalade. The program is available and well underway at Los Angeles International airport. Next on line are New York’s LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy international airport and the Dallas Fort Worth international airport.

The second important feature of the program is about marketing the Cadillac vehicles at precious and highly sought after marketing properties owned by the American Airlines. The marketing industry has seen an overhaul, while social media is the new thing and people have totally adapted and accepted it, marketing and advertising at key locations like airports, subway stations and train stations has also gained more importance. Plane travel has become a reality with more and more people opting to travel by air, this provides a unique and valuable marketing opportunity for sellers looking to get their word out in the open. The airports are busy places, frequented by people waiting to catch their flights and in most cases having a valuable resource at their disposal, time; thus making airports a good place to advertise a brand. This fact provided an opportunity that Cadillac has been waiting, hoping and planning for some time now.

The luxury car market has been difficult to stay dominant in. Competition is intense and the European rivals have been able to create a strong foothold in the market. This opportunity brings people a chance to reconnect with traditional American brands at a place which is both influential and frankly a place where you are short of distractions. Airport marketing is highly critical; as a market study went on to prove that the brand visibility at airports was ranked the highest, in terms of attention span. A surprise finding, that people actually read the ads placed at the airports and are highly likely to take an action upon their impulse while travelling.

Uwn Ellinghaus, Chief Maketing Officer of Cadillac Global has been ecstatic about the partnership between the two giants. The belief among the team is that travel should be comfortable and relaxing. Customers are aware of the premium services that airlines offer and pay extra money to utilize such facilities, opening an opportunity for innovative advertising that can actually be a profitable marketing venture for the company. Ellinghaus believes that the partnership helps in allowing Cadillac to engage the customers in a special way which at the time is not being the focus of any other car maker. No long term plans, no loyalty cards that take time but instant value adding feature that adds to the travel experience of the customer.

Both companies firmly believe that this is not about showmanship only; they also do know that there are already existing partnerships between leading airlines and car-makers and they firmly believe that in no way they have tried to re-invent the wheel. The opportunity is just there all so naturally, an airline trying to lift its image and an auto-manufacturer that wants to do more than just making colorful ads and sponsoring sports team and events. American Airlines has been trying hard to create a premium traveling experience for the flyers. Recent improvements like Airbus A321 offers 180 degree seat recline option, direct aisle access to every seat, improved digital networking, improved entertainment services, interactive games, touchscreen monitors, and Bose high performance noise cancelling headphones as just few things that have been used to give a better inflight experience. At the same time Cadillac is trying to be more than a corporate sponsor backing golf events and yacht races.

Now with the new program, Cadillac expects people to walk in the show rooms to try test drives and American Airlines hopes that no passenger is stuck in the transfer queue and misses his or her flight due to travel delays. A perfect win-win situation
These are the early days of the partnership and the improvements to respective brands will only be known after the program has run for a few months. The early evidence suggests that this may be a perfect formula for success!!!

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